Cos Endins is an experimental poetry film by Gianluca Abbate and Eduard Escoffet




COS ENDINS / INSIDE THE BODY has won the Goethe Film Award 2020



After so many generational repetitions and beneath so many layers is a territory to be negotiated beyond each person's skin, inside: the cavity that echoes the intimate and singular identity of everyone. The voice that populate this film bring us to various spaces in Matera, from tourist agglomerations to the town's internal spaces (grottes, caves, cisterns, lanes, rooms) and the body's own unassailable space: pleasure and desire for other bodies that no one can cancel.



Nati / Births
Esposti / Foundlings
Days drawing in
Days stretching out
Deprived of friends, of my lord and my fief,
a foreign stranger in strange foreign lands.

If only God would deaden my mind
and I could spend a lifetime paying to breathe!

only hands and thoughts.
contained, walled in,
holding out through pleasure:
our final rebellion, our last trench.
uttered desire
fingering its way through the dark.
desire as definition,
desire breathed in and out
till death.



Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins
Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins


The film arises from an encounter I had with the poet and artist Eduard Escoffet in April 2019 in the town of Matera, the "Underground City" or " Mater" from the Latin for Mother, which, with its grottes and caverns, its holes and cracks, gave us the idea of a gigantic living organism: a body hiding beneath infinite layers, the intimate identity of consciousness, over which the outside world no longer exercises its control.

The itinerary of the film is vertical. We start from a hyperuranian world crowded with tourists, then accessing the tiny capillary roads of the Sassi, which overlook the Murgia. We then find ourselves in a tufa quarry, the last space on the surface before descending into the depts of the city, into the underground water cistern. Finding the place inspiring, I decided to insert, in the final images of the film, abstract forms taken from the floral decorations of Matera's crypt of original sin. Every spot is marked by a gap, inside which flows a red-coloured organic liquid.

All my works are based on a creative process that consist of accumulating and stratifying video documents and images. The video, found-footage or shots I take ad hoc for the editing process, reveal a new sense of work I had not considered, which develops independently of the initial idea. In the first scene of the film, for example, showing the crumbling of Matera, the image expresses an archetypal conflict with the mother-figure: " Mater", precisely.

My collaboration with Escoffet was very creative. Duplication, overlapping, repetition, the use of loops are languages that we both extend, I in the video, Eduard in the audio. For this reason, we decided there should be no rules during the shooting, and that the space should be understood as a theatre stage ready for a performance, thanks also to the 360° device. The result is a work that reflects the poetics of both our languages.

I fell that narrative cinema will find no place in VR technology as we know it, because its language, in its 360° view, is totally distorted. The framing and editing, for example, follow different rules, and the scenic space is closer to thet of the theatre, in its relationship between stage and audience, between spectator and performance. I believe that this technology is a very powerful tool to grapple with and invent new language system, a fundamental instrument for art videos and all other forms of visual experimentation.



Here below some still frames taken by the Exhibition in Matera curated by Bruno Di Marino


Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins
Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins


Poet and cultural agitator. He has worked in different facets of poetry (visual and written poetry, installations, oral poetry, poetic action), but he has focused his interests on sound poetry and poetry readings. Apart from being involved in Barcelona’s counter-culture scene, he has also performed in poetry festivals and events all around Europe, in China, the United States, South Africa and many countries in Latin America.
He is a co-founder of the platform projectes poètics sense títol – (1996-2016). He was co-director of Barcelona Poesia (Barcelona Inetrnational Poetry Festival) between 2010 and 2012, and director of PROPOSTA, a festival of sound poetry and contemporary poetry at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (2000-2004).
He has published the poetry collections Gaire (2012), El terra i el cel (2013, published in Spanish in 2018 as Suelo y cielo) and Menys i tot (LaBreu, 2017), as well as the artist’s book Estramps with Evru (2011). Has published two records with the electronic music band Bradien, Pols (2012) and Escala (2015). Also curated with Eugeni Bonet the film series Coming Soon on This Screen: Letterist Cinema, between Discrepancy and Revolt at the MACBA, Barcelona (2005). He is co-author of the theatre plays ¡Wamba va! (with Gerard Altaió, Josep Pedrals and Martí Sales, 2005), Puaj./Ecs.(with G. Altaió and J. Pedrals, 2005) and La Belbel Underground (with Carles Hac Mor and G. Altaió, 2006).

Gianluca Abbate is an Italian video artist and film maker based in Rome, born in Salerno on 5th June 1980. Graduate Degree in Film Editing at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Experimental film centre or Italian National film school) in Rome.
His works have been shown at national and international museums and exhibitions, such as: 2018 - Macro Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome “Fuorinorma” (IT), 2018 - Torrance Art Museum, “Transitions from Public to PostFuture” Los Angeles (USA), 2016 - Istanbul Museum of Modern Art “Art Speaks Out” (TR), 2015 - Maxxi Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo “Cinema al MAXXI” (IT), 2015 - Palais de Tokyo, “ARTE Video Night And L’OPEN VideoArt” Paris (FR), 2013 - MMoma Moscow Museum of Modern Art “NowAndAfter” (RU).
And at several film and video art festivals: 2019 - Ann Arbor Film Festival (USA), 2019 - Visioni Italiane (IT), 2018 - Torino Film Festival (IT), 2018 - Oodaaq Festival (FR), 2018 - Lago Film Festival (IT), 2017 - Strano Film Festival (IT), 2017 - Interference Festival Gdańsk (PL), 2016 - Lucca Film Festival (IT), 2015 - Traverse Vidéo (FR), 2015 - Videoformes (FR), 2015 - Athens Digital Arts Festival (GR), 2015 - Channels Video Art Festival (AUS), 2015 - Visioni Italiane (IT), 2015 - MedFilm Festival (IT), 2015 - Genova Film Festival (IT), 2015 - Lago Film Festival (IT), 2015 - Terra di Cinema (FR), 2015 - roBOt Festival (IT), 2014 - Torino Film Festival (IT), 2002 - Bellaria Film Festival (IT).
Also his works have been broadcasted on ARTE Video Night, a TV show dedicated to video art on ARTE TV Channel
He has also won several awards such as, Silver Ribbon (Nastro d'Argento) awarded by the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists, and best short film at TFF32 (Torino Film Festival) and other main awards at Videoformes in Clermont-Ferrand (FR), at Visioni Italiane in Bologna, a special mention at Genova Film Festival and more.


Gianluca Abbate Eduard Escoffet Cos Endins


Screening presentation | VENICE (IT) | September 5, 2019 
ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA di Madrid | Exhibition Madrid (SP) | October 24, 2019 
MATERRE VR EXPERIENCE | Exhibition Matera (IT) | November 23 - December 22, 2019
VIDEOFORMES 2020 | Exhibition Clermont Ferrand (FR) | March 12-15, 2020
ADAF2020 | Athens Digital arts Festival (GR) | 10 July - 1 September, 2020
ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival | Berlin (DE) | 19-22 November, 2020



COS ENDINS has won the Goethe Film Award 2020 @ ZEBRA Poetry film Festival 2020 Berlin



COS ENDINS Inside the body | A VR film by Gianluca Abbate | Poem written and performed by Eduard Escoffet | With the participation of Lello Voce | Sound design Eduard Escoffet | Visual effects and post-production Gianluca Abbate

Creative producers: Antonello Faretta and Adriana Bruno | VR supervisors:Mattia Gri and Valentina Paggiarin | General organizer: Dino Centonze | Runner: Gianfranco Montemurro | Data manager: Luca Mendicino |

Thanks to: Ugo Barra, Dino Centonze, Antonello Faretta, Lello Voce, Paolo Heritier, Adriana Bruno, Pegah Moshir Pour, Marcello Santantonio, Matera2019 Foundation, Lucana Film Commission Foundation, Cisterna del Palombaro

Shot in Matera in April 2019

MaTerre is a Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 project, co-produced by Rete Cinema Basilicata and Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation, co-financed by Lucana Film Commission Foundation and in partnership with Meditalents (France), Albanian National Film Center (Albania),  Rattapallax (USA), Italian Institute of Culture Madrid (Spain), CIRCE/Università di Torino (Italy), DAMS/Università della Calabria (Italy), Universosud (Italy), Noeltan Film (Italy)

Official sponsor: Banca BCC Basilicata, Banca Etica Under the patronage of: CNA, Confederazione Nazionale Artigianato e Piccola e Media Impresa (Italy) Dipartimento delle Culture Europee e del Mediterraneo (Università degli Studi della Basilicata, Italy)

Artistic directors: Antonello Faretta, Paolo Heritier, Lello Voce Project manager: Adriana Bruno




Rete Cinema Basilicata and Noeltan Film